FAQ in English


When do the courses become available online?

  • 15th of March: Summer weeks in Ghent and Leuven (July)
  • 1st of May: the LUX and PRO trainings
  • 1st of July: Autumn courses (September to December)
  • 1st of December: Spring courses (January to June)
  • 15th of December: Summer courses abroad (July - August)

How can I enrol?

At the top of every course page you’ll find a button for enrolment. Via this button you will be redirected to an application form, under the course description. Sometimes, you have to enrol via the website of a partner organisation, for that you will find a similar button at the top of the page ‘enrolment (extern)’. You will then be redirected to our partner’s website.

If you would like to enrol for several courses, please fill in a separate application form for each course.


  1. Filling in application forms for future courses will be easier if you accept the cookies in your browse settings at the time of your first enrolment.

  2. Under the button for registration you will find links to our Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and email. Via these buttons you can let everyone know which courses you will be following or recommend a course to a friend.

The course starts tomorrow. Is it still possible to enrol?

Online registration for a course is possible until the day a course starts. However, if you enrol 2 days before the start of a course, please give us a call as well. (016 25 16 21 for courses in Leuven or 09 229 21 72 for courses in Ghent or Antwerp)

How do I know if my registration was succesful?

Processing your online registration normally takes 2 working days (a little longer during holidays or at the launch of a new course season). Once your registration is processed, WISPER sends you a confirmation e-mail with the payment information. 

What if the course is full?

If the course is full this will be mentioned on the website. However, you can still enrol and you will be placed on the waiting list. If any other participant cancels his/her registration or does not pay on time, we will contact you. This can happens even at the last minute, until the day a course starts.

Are there any discounts? What are the paying methods?

As from 2019, WISPER has a renewed pricing policy! When subscribing online, you can choose yourself which price applies to you. 

/ Do you feel like earning some extra karma points? Choose the better world price: you pay a little extra and help make WISPER courses affordable for everyone

/ The standard price covers the costs of your course (material, teacher, location). Nothing less, nothing more.

/ Do you have trouble making ends meet? Than you can choose the reduced price

/ Citizens of Gent and Leuven with a low income get a 80% discount with their UiTPAS. Please note that the maximum number of registrations with the 80% UiTPAS discount is limited to 6 registrations per participant per year. More information: www.uitingent.be/uitpas en www.uitinleuven.be/uitpas

Do you have other questions about payment? Feel free to ask Sophie (Gent/Antwerpen) and Saskia (Leuven)!

What if I don't receive the e-mails from WISPER?

In case you don't receive our e-mails, it could be due to following reason(s):

  • Your inbox is full
  • Your email address has become inactive
  • The WISPER email arrived in your SPAM folder

What can you do about it? Call us and we will send you the email again. 


Where can I find all practical information about my course?

About 10 days prior to the start of the course you will receive a participation letter with all the practical information for your course (teacher, place, material … ). By default this letter will be sent to your email address. Therefore make sure that you always provide a valid email address and check your inbox before the course starts. If you do want to receive the practical information  by post, you will have to mention this explicitly.

Am I covered by insurance?

You will be insured for incidents and civil liabilities during all course activities led by a WISPER employee. You will not be insured by WISPER for the traveling part from and towards the course, neither for the outdoor activities organized by the course participants themselves.

Click here to download the bodily injury damage claim. 

Are there carpooling possibilities?

On our forum, you can meet fellow participants looking to carpool. This is a public forum but you have to register first before you can post. Please note that WISPER offers this forum as a way to facilitate carpooling but not as a guarantee: the efficiency depends on the number of drivers willing to take passengers with them. 

Where do the courses take place?

On the course pages on our website, you can find detailed information (address, travel directions, practical information) about the course location. 

Sometimes the sessions of a course takes place at different locations. Make sure to check the list of all the sessions on the course page: below each course date, you will find the exact location. 


For questions about privacy, payment and cancellations, please check our Terms and Conditions.

Do not hesitate to contact us if something is not clear!