Our privacy policy

If you are involved in WISPER (whether it is through our website, social media, mail or our courses), it means that you confide some personal details to us. We take data security seriously. You can read more about this in our privacy statement.​

Which details does WISPER collect from you?
When you enrol for one of our courses, we register your name and your contact details for administrative purposes. Furthermore, we ask about your birth date and sex: the government asks us to keep these records. When you use our website, you agree with the use of cookies.

When you attend one of our courses, it is possible that we will take photographs or make footage of you. We do this because we are proud of our activities and our people and because we attach great importance to authentic visual material in our communication. You are always informed about this first. If you object to being filmed or photographed, you can let us know and we will certainly respect that.

Our presentation days and presentations fall under the category public events: it is safe to assume that there will be a photographer present to take pictures. If you are not comfortable with that, you can always tell the photographer or one of our staff members!

How do we save and protect your details?
When you enroll for a course or for our WISPER mail through our website, your details are saved in our secured data system Salesforce. We only use them to simplify the processing and the follow-up of future enrollments. They are protected by the general protection conditions offered by Salesforce. 

What do we do with it? 
We standardly use your contact details for administrative purposes. This means that as a participant of a course you receive a few emails from us related to your enrolment (registration confirmation, payment and practical information, evaluation).

Only if you subscribe to WISPER-mail, we will use your contact details to send you our magazine and/or our newsletters. You can unsubscribe any time through the link in the emails or by contacting us.

The pictures and videos we made with your permission, can be used in our communication channels (website, social media, magazine).  

Who has access to your details?
Only our permanent staff has standard access to the personal details of the people in our data system. When you participate to a course organized by a guest teacher or in cooperation with another organization, we also give your details to him/her. Both our permanent staff and our partner organizations contractually agree to use them exclusively for WISPER activities.

Under no circumstances, we will give your personal details to third parties for commercial purposes.

How can you adjust your details? 
At all times, you have the right to access, change or delete your personal details from our data system. You can email or call us for this purpose. Please take into account that if you enrol later for another course through our website, we will have to collect certain details again (see above).

Do you have further questions about our privacy policy? Do not hesitate to send an email to tim@wisper.be