WISPER for everyone: about our pricing policy

When subscribing online for a WISPER course, you can choose yourself which price applies to you. 

/ Do you feel like earning some extra karma points? Choose the better world price: you pay a little extra and help make WISPER courses affordable for everyone

/ The standard price covers the costs of your course (material, teacher, location). Nothing less, nothing more.

/ Do you have trouble making ends meet? Than you can choose the reduced price

/ Citizens of Gent and Leuven with a low income get a 80% discount with their UiTPAS. Please note that the maximum number of registrations with the 80% UiTPAS discount is limited to 6 registrations per participant per year. More information: www.uitingent.be/uitpas en www.uitinleuven.be/uitpas

Do you have other questions about payment? Feel free to ask Sophie (Gent/Antwerpen) and Saskia (Leuven)!